AWARDS  (waar ik best trots op ben)
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Award verleend door FUN TYME ENTERTAINMENT (U.S.A.)
op 3 augustus 2005 :

'The Fun Tyme Entertainment Awards Program salutes your dedication and congratulates you on being a winner of our Merit Award. ... we have decided to award you for the hard work you have put into making this site.
Our awards are not easy to obtain at any level and to win our award is a great achievement. You being a winner shows that you have put the effort needed into your site and have made it an asset to the www.'

Deze prachtige Award werd mij op 5/08/2005 verleend

Dank u, Lisa.

Deze beide mooie Awards mocht ik op 6 augustus 2005
ontvangen van website RUDYSIPLI.BRINKSTER.NET uit Gent.

Dank u wel, Rudy.

Deze beide Awards ontving ik op 6 augustus 2005
van website "HOME.ONLINE.NO/~RSAKARIA/index.htm" uit Noorwegen.

Thank you very much, Turid.

Vandaag 7 augustus 2005 mocht ik deze sfeervolle
'No's Friendship's Award' ontvangen.

Dank u wel, lieve No...

Deze drie Awards ontving ik op 10 augustus 2005
van website "LITTLE SHY" " uit Hawaii :

'Congratulations..!! You have an award winning website.
Please accept my Awards.
Aloha From Hawaii Maria aka LittleShy'


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